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Vanloi Food Processing Co., LTD has a precursor as VanLoi Privately-Owned Enterprise which is established in 1995. The company now is operated by Owner / Director, and one of the valued exporter of Cantho City.

 Van Loi rice products

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Processing company limited supply food van special benefits provided in national rice 5 % , polls are products are high quality products vietnam , to be used more information agency.

 Manufacturing processes

xuất khẩu gạo

Field sample => harvesting rice => the dryer => factory scrapes => separation plant grain, color separation => factory polishing => bagging plant.

Mikko flour dumplings - appealing to each dish

For a long time, dumplings dish is familiar in the diet of the Vietnamese breakfast though this cake originating from China. This is a type of bread made with wheat flour and having been cooked in pulses and aromatic characteristics. Depending on the taste and liking of the user to choose the cake sweet or salty, the meat and the vegetables.

Dumplings of Vietnamese people usually smaller Chinese dumplings, also the other components. However, the dumplings usually made from ground pork, mushrooms, mushrooms, vermicelli, sausage, quail eggs or chicken eggs. Also, the baking powder is also important stage in making dumplings.

With the convenience when you do not need to soak or grind flour baking powder for this technology. Flour dumplings mixed by Mikko Intermix has helped you a busy period considered and the most expensive time.

Mikko flour dumplings produced by Japanese standards and technology without losing the flavor of the traditional dumplings but also make you ecstatic with the taste of hot bread and delicious cake to hold on hand.

Flour is the most important part of the pie shell with the processing so it's easy dough with flour Mikko, with 2 simple steps you have completed include:

Dumplings are cooked in your own taste. It can be vegetarian or salt.

Step 1:

Empty packages dry yeast in 150-160ml water (or milk). Hoa to melt evenly. Take 2 teaspoons flour dumpling flour Mikko repellent to hand out, then the remaining flour into the yeast mixture and water. Knead dough vigorously for 20-25 minutes for long smooth dough.

Step 2:

Rolling several times, cutting and shaping. Incubated for 30-45 minutes, then steamed 20-25 minutes.

Tip: for better white bread should add 2 tablespoons of vinegar into the steaming pot.

After all, the whole family you've got a tasty meal used in any day in Vietnam food culture and is often used as a breakfast dish. Intermix's Mikko flour dumplings with your desire to cook and homemaker to make good food, but do not waste your time.


Male and Female at ages of 18 – 28. High School graduated.

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