Manufacturing processes

Rice production processes of Van Loi Food Processing One Member Limited Liability Company.

Field sample => harvesting rice => the dryer => factory scrapes => separation plant grain, color separation => factory polishing => bagging plant.

Rice is purchased in large sample fields of farmers and cooperatives, but with the care and support the company's raw material investment Van Loi. After a period of investment in the field is our major form of technical censorship grain quality and the days to harvest the fields have invested.


After the rice harvest in a field large sample, we transport the rice plant to reach moisture drying technical specifications of the plant. Archive storage drying rice in dry place to conduct milling process which removes grit and classification of by-products such as plate, husk, bran to conduct other manufacturers as wood or straw, rice husk or staff bran ingredients.

Milled rice to be conveyors of color separation plant each variety to handle for the beautiful color of rice grain quality and uniformity required percentage of customer plates and then proceed to move the factory wipe rice shadow to enhance preservation and make the grain more sheen.

Then the rice is transferred to the storage silo good standard or at the request of customers packed weight 01 kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg, 500kg in bulk packs from older. Then the tree of open dry storage in dedicated storage of rice.


Product packaging process:

Product 5kg:

Gạo thơm 5kg 1Gạo thơm 5kg 2Gạo thơm 5kg 3

Gạo thơm 5kg 4Gạo thơm 5kg 5Gạo thơm 5kg 6

Gạo thơm 5kg 7Gạo thơm 5kg 8Gạo thơm 5kg 9

Product 20kg:

Gạo thơm 20kg 1Gạo thơm 20kg 2Gạo thơm 20kg 3

Gạo thơm 20kg 4Gạo thơm 20kg 5Gạo thơm 20kg 7